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Pick of the Month

Bookcover: My Whole Truth

My Whole Truth

By Mischa Thrace
380 pAgEs
grades 9+

Fast-paced and brutally honest, My Whole Truth is the story of seventeen-year-old Seelie, a survivor of a gruesome attack by one of the town’s golden boys. She makes it out alive, but he does not. The entire town turns against her and blames her for the incident, but as the trial date approaches and more details are revealed, it is clear the incident was not black and white, as the town would like to believe. Leading up to the verdict, Seelie is struggling to adjust to daily life, returning to school, and keeping up with her physical therapy. It does not help that her mother is self-absorbed, unsupportive and her group of friends have their own secrets and drama. In the end, Seelie is able to find her voice and share the entire truth of what happened that day. 
“The gash is longer than I thought it’d be. It starts above my eyebrow, disappears under the thick oval pad that’s still taped over my eye, and skirts over my cheekbone toward my ear. I try to count the stitches but it’s disorienting with the shaky mirror and only one good eye. I make it to sixteen twice before giving up. I lower the mirror. I’ve seen enough.” 

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