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Bookcover: Genuine Fraud

Genuine Fraud

By E. Lockhart
Grades 8-12, 264 pAgEs

Jule is living the good life.  An 18-year-old alone at a nice resort in Cabo San Lucas, she spends her days hanging out by the pool, chatting up the bartender, and not doing anything really of importance.  Until, that is, she meets an undercover agent one day while running on a treadmill at the gym.

Jule knows this means she has to change her outfit, change her hair, pay off the right people, and, if necessary, use violence to eliminate anyone who gets in her way.  It’s just another day in the life of the enigmatic Jule, who has multiple aliases, deep reserves of cash, and a talent for learning different accents. But is she really the spy, action hero-type she sees herself to be, or something else?

There’s something not quite right about Jule.  Her family story seems a bit overly dramatic. Jule’s closest friend Immie, a privileged New Yorker with deep pockets, adores Jule, but soon Immie’s friends start suspecting that Jule is beginning to pass herself off as Immie, and then people she knows start disappearing . . .

Jule knows the path she must follow, but what will it cost her?

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