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Bookcover: Picture Us in the Light

Picture Us in the Light

By Kelly loy gilbert
353 pAgEs
grades 9+

Life should be good right now for Danny Cheng. He is a senior in high school in Cupertino and just got accepted to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The only school he applied to and the only school he wants to attend.

But thinking about living on the other side of the country without his best friend, Harry Wong, makes him feel panic that he can't put into words. Harry and Danny have been close friends for a long time and stood together when a tragedy almost tore their friend group apart. Now Danny wonders if Harry is really in love with his girlfriend Regina.

When his father was fired from the lab he loved to work at and can’t find another job, tensions are running high at home and his parents become more withdrawn than ever. Danny always knew that his Chinese immigrant parents had secrets, but when he finds a box in the hall closet filled with old letters and a file about a wealthy Silicon Valley family, it becomes clear that he must face the past before being able to create his future.

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