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Pick of the Month

Bookcover: Strong Female Protagonist

Strong Female Protagonist
By Brennan Lee Mulligan
Grades 9+, 220 pages

Alison Green is a superhero. Well, she was a superhero. Born with “superdynamic” abilities, she and her fellow superdynamic heroes worked together to take on their evil rival “Nemesis”; at least, that is, until they stop. Nemesis stopped as well. We won’t spoil why (you’ll have to read the book). What follows is Alison trying to transition from being a superhero to being a college student and a look into what it means to live a “normal” life by choosing to ignore your extraordinary powers. Alison must decide what she values and how she can enact change in a world filled with superheroes but in a way that doesn’t rely on her using her own powers. This book is funny and poignant, approachable yet complex, and offers a great twist on the exploration of what it means to be a hero. Check it out.

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