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Pick of the Month

Bookcover: Whisper to Me

Whisper to Me
By Nick Lake
Grades 9-12, 535 pages

Bad things happen to Cassie, short for Cassandra, that keep people away from her. For example, there was the time the boy was disfigured at her birthday party or when she needed to be revived by an injection in the school cafeteria or the awful day her mother died.

In the small dying boardwalk town where Cassie lives, she is almost always alone. 
One day she goes to the beach to sketch. Her father distractedly warns her not to stay out too late or to wander too far away from crowds. There have been a series of disappearances and the police suspect a serial killer. After the warning her father goes back to being obsessed with keeping the small restaurant he owns from going under.

It is early in the day and the beach is empty. Cassie walks towards a small shape in the sand and sees a dead seagull with hermit crabs crawling on it. There is a trail of hermit crabs that is leading to something very near the water’s edge.

Cassie follows the trail to a shoe lying on the sand.

Inside the shoe are the remains of a foot.

While at the police station, Cassie hears a woman’s voice talking to her while she is in an empty room. Afterwards, the voice begins to follow her everywhere.

Why is she the only person who can hear the voice and why is it trying to destroy her life?

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