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Bookcover: Kids of Appetite

Kids of Appetite
By David Arnold
Grades 9+, 352 pages

Left with the daunting task of spreading his diseased father’s ashes around New Jersey, heartbroken Vic finds himself coming apart at the seams. Overwhelmed and lost, Vic is taken in by the Kids of Appetite, a group of young outcasts living in a dilapidated greenhouse on the outskirts of town. Brought together by dismantled families and troubled pasts, the Kids of Appetite have learned how to live independently and have each other’s backs through the toughest of circumstances. Brothers Baz and Zuz are the elders of the group and demonstrate their wisdom and survival instincts that helped both survive the war-torn land of the Congo; Coco, a sharp tongued 11-year-old, who always speaks her mind; and Madeline (Mad), a thoughtful, yet  scrappy teen who wins Vic’s heart. As Vic’s bonds continue to grow with the group so does his feelings for Mad. Just when Vic begins finding his inner-peace, he and Mad are taken in by the police and are interrogated in-depth regarding the murder of Mad’s abusive uncle. Will Vic escape his demons (and jail-time!) and be able to live a normal life with his new love; or, will he be torn away from his new family and be sent to where he dreads the most? Check out this gripping book to find out! 

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