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Bookcover: Tell Me Something Real

Tell Me Something Real
By Calla Devlin
Grades 9+, 290 pages

It is the summer of 1976 in San Diego and Vanessa and her two sisters are spending a lot of time at a small clinic across the border in Mexico. Their mother is undergoing an experimental treatment for leukemia that is illegal in the United States. Waiting has become a big part of their lives. Their father is mostly absent, dealing with a demanding boss and too much work, and the sisters are trying to hold the family together.

At the clinic Vanessa befriends Caleb, who is undergoing treatment as well. Everything seems to be changing for the better when Caleb and his mother Barb move in with them. Barb brings some much needed order to the household and Caleb is in remission.

As their mother enters what everyone believes are her last days, a lie is uncovered. A lie that is more heartbreaking than anyone could have ever expected.

Will Vanessa and her sisters be able to recover from an incomprehensible betrayal and will her relationship with Caleb survive?

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