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Bookcover: One of Us is Lying

One of Us is Lying

By Karen M. McManus
Grades 9+, 360 pAgEs

Warning: This book may cause binge reading late into the night which could result in drowsy mornings making you late for first period class.
It’s just another day in Bayview High School’s detention room until, that is, the sound of a body hits the floor. Five students entered detention, but only four leave.
Made up of the baseball jock, the prom queen, the outcast, the drug dealing outlaw, and the Ivy League-bound brain (does this group sound familiar?) this group of students get sentenced to detention for carrying prohibited cell phones in their backpacks. Only one catch……the cell phones do not belong to any of them.
For as much dirt as the school’s notorious gossip blogger, Simon, has dished out, he never expected that someone would go so far as using a stretch in detention to exact their revenge by “erasing” his name off the daily attendance list. Permanently. 
The other four students quickly become the primary suspects in the teen gossip’s murder. 
Each comes from a different background, each has a different personality, each a different story, and each their own secret tying them to Simon.
No matter how hard the police try to get the teens to snitch on one another, everyone sticks to their story and the group ultimately bonds together in conducting their own investigation. Wanting to clear their names, they are faced with digging through lies, tracking down loose ends, and ultimately confronting the truth about one another and themselves (plus, the killer!).
With plot twists and turns galore, this riveting mystery grabs you by the shirt collars from the start and won’t let go until the very last page. 

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