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Helpful Websites

Drug Information


  • Facts on Drugs
    The National Institute on Drug Abuse created this site to educate teens on the science behind drug abuse.
  • Teen Drinking
    This website offers an overview of the many aspects of underage drinking both from a medical and a societal angle.
  • Above the Influence
    Offers drug education and prevention information created for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign (a program of the Office of National Drug Control Policy).
  • Marijuana Facts
    Answers many questions that teens may have about marijuana.
  • Medline Drugs
    This website is a great source of information about prescription drugs, herbs, and supplements.

Sex & Sexuality


  • Teen Sexual Health
    An overview of teen sexual health issues from Medline Plus
  • Teen Sexual Orientation
    The Palo Alto Medical Foundation answers questions about sexual orientation.
  • Planned Parenthood
    Planned Parenthood provides various relationship and sexuality information
  • Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center
    Has information about youth programs that support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning youth in Santa Clara County.
  • Cope Care Deal
    Recognizes personal strengths, warning signs, and facts about mental health disorders
  • GoAskAlice!
    Provides question and answers on many topics, with a health focus
  • Teens Health
    Contains advice and info about health, relationships, and growing up.
  • Teens Health FX
    Answers questions on teen health and gives personalized answers that address your questions.


Book of the Month

Bookcover: Field Notes on Love