Wireless Printing - Windows

General Information

Windows laptop users who are connected to the Santa Clara County Library District wireless network may now print to our public printers inside the Library. Patrons will need to install the print driver on their personal laptop (instructions below) using the library's wireless network, then select a public printer, and send the print job to the Print Release station.

How to use this service

  1. Install the print driver to your laptop
    1. Download and Install the print driver (first time use only)
    2. Once the driver is installed on a laptop, "Wireless Printer" will show up as a printer option for anyone using the SCCL wireless network.
  2. Print
    1. Make sure you are connected to the SCCL wireless network.
    2. Start the Wireless Print System and start a print session.
    3. Now when you print from any application:
      1. Select the "Wireless Printer"
      2. Walk to any public printer
      3. Follow the instructions to print the document
      4. Pick up your job
Detailed instructions on how to install the print driver and print using the Release Station (PDF)

Printing Cost

  • Black/White: $0.15 per page
  • Color: $0.20 per page


  • Windows laptop
  • A network connection to the library's wireless network