What?! Sharks in My Backyard?!!! @ Saratoga Library

How high will the sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay-Estuary by the year 2100? Scientists project it will be 55 inches above current levels – a menacing prospect for us, especially the thousands of residents and businesses by the Bay shore.

Two eco-conscience artists, Oliver Klink and Jennifer Koney, take us on a journey to explore the impact of climate change and sea level rise through their art exhibit and program at Saratoga Library.  Klink's haunting photography illustrates the wildlife of the Antarctic in its natural habitat and the breathtaking beauty of ice, snow and majestic, melting glaciers.

Abstract artist Koney displays her series of tall paintings with a 55 inch horizon line to make this ominous outlook of a flooded Bay shore more concrete. Koney and Klink aim to educate and inspire change through their paintings and photographs.

Their exhibit runs through September 5, 2016. Please join us on Monday, August 1, 2016 at 7 pm for a panel discussion of their work. For more information, check out our calendar listing. To delve into the many topics this exhibit raises, explore some of the titles in our collection with this booklist

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