Saratoga Library User Survey

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  • Do you like to sit at large tables when using the library?
  • What is your ideal library chair?
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The results will help us plan for an even better Saratoga Library.  
Mike Eitner
Thank you for your comments, Craig. The library monitors usage and has a ratio at which more copies of popular titles are purchased. Additionally, we accept suggestions for purchase. Please use this service if you encounter a title the library does not have. We also have a large collection of software and programming books in our ebook collection.
10/29/2018 4:31:38 PM

Craig Fisk
Seating and tables at Saratoga Library seem fine, but seating (rather than books) is about the only value the library has for me... Suggestion about software books: remove what's not checked out much; add more copies of what is checked out -- I generally just order from Amazon because the library doesn't have it. Might be a good hackathon project: write a program to bring some smarts to book management
10/27/2018 4:20:02 PM

Mike Eitner
Thank you for your comment. Our hope is to provide options for all the different people who visit the Saratoga Library -- including those seeking more relaxed seating.
1/22/2018 4:33:39 PM

N Rushton
Current seating seems to waste valuable space. Most people using laptops have large tables. I'd like to see some more relaxed seating in the library for those of us who are not there to use a computer but would like a comfortable nook to review a book or scan a magazine, and not be in a big open area. A little quiet privacy would be lovely. I like the cafe area but it's always a bit overrun by talkers. All the libraries in the system are impacted by the large populations they serve, so I get the dilemma! The days of quiet nooks are probably long gone.....
1/21/2018 11:13:56 AM

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