Staff Pick: California

CaliforniaIn her stunning debut novel California, Edan Lepucki imagines a future United States in a state of economic and societal collapse. Out of this backdrop comes a young couple, Cal and Frida, who strike out from the decaying city of Los Angeles and into the wilds of California. Further complicating their journey is Frida’s unexpected pregnancy and its effects on their already uncertain future. Will they be able to raise a child by themselves away from the protection of society? Should they seek help from the other inhabitants of the land or fear them?

What makes this story so compelling is not simply the harsh world Lepucki creates filled with the tensions of survival in a post-apocalyptic landscape but the lush descriptions of her characters and how they interact with one another as they deal with their past and newfound reality in different ways. Fans of literary and post-apocalyptic fiction alike will enjoy this title.

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