A Menu of Movies


Film for foodies!

Two great passions collide for a list of movies to eat your heart out with.

Turkey and cranberry, wine pairings, steak and potatoes, bacon and eggs (or bacon and anything), mashed potatoes and gravy, cookies and milk, mac and cheese, soup and salad, some things just go together and taste delicious.

So in the spirit of things that go together, here are some delicious movie pairings for any film fan with gourmet tastes.


Just to rev up your appetitie, here is a pair of films where a chef drives toward success in a food truck.


Five Year Engagement

Main Course

Michelin at the movies:  beautiful food and beautiful stories wrapped in a quest for additional Michelin glory.

The Hundred Foot Journey



Finishing the meal with sweet endings, perhaps some pie or something chocolatey to satisfy with these yummy treats.





Here are a few more scrumptious films to feast on:

A Menu of Movies

The top image is a scene in Burnt with Bradley Cooper from LAtimes.com

make sure to check out Ants on a Shrimp. Named for just one of the many surprising dishes that René Redzepi serves at his esteemed Copenhagen foodie destination Noma (named “World’s Best Restaurant” in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014), Ants on a Shrimp follows the superstar chef and his team as they relocate to Japan to set up a five-week pop-up in Tokyo
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