If You Love La La Land...

On Sunday, January 8 2017, the film La La Land won seven Golden Globe awards and broke the record for most Golden Globe awards won by a single film in the award's seventy-four year history.

Director Damien Chazelle's film draws on a rich history of film musicals to create this acclaimed 2016 film. In addition to the film's soundtrack, the library has these wonderful films which inspired sequences or bear a striking resemblance to La La Land. They are all worth checking out. 

Singin' in the Rain

La La Land uses vivid primary colors in a way that mimics moments in Gene Kelly's masterpiece. Both films also feature romances set against the backdrop of the movie business.

An American in Paris

La La Land directly draws on the final ballet of Vincente Minelli's Oscar winning classic. The George Gershwin score from this film, like La La Land, is inspired by jazz.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Jaques Demy's technicolor french musical has been mentioned as a direct inspiration by Chazelle himself. The gorgeous technicolor photography and the emotional mixture of joy and sadness are very much a part of both films. Demys The Young Girls of Rochefort is also clearly an inspiration. 

Swing Time

While there are many forms of dance used throughout La La Land, there are two sequences where Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are waltzing in a way that is inspired by the great work of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in their greatest film, Swing Time.

Everyone Says I Love You

If I had to pick a movie that La La Land reminds me of, the closest I think of is Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You. This film features actors who are not known for either singing and dancing doing both. It also features dancing in the air and in the city of Paris.

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