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L-O-V-E, Episode 3 of Storytime Seedlings Podcast


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Storytime Seedlings:
A Podcast to Grow Young Readers

Episode 3:  L-O-V-E!

Join us for Episode 3 where we follow our storytime theme about all things LOVE -- for a fun listen anytime you and your child would like a storytime all your own!  

Episode 3 is just 12 minutes long. 

This is what we talked about 
(see the sections below):

1. Picture Books
2. Fingerplays and Songs
3. Storytelling
4. Early Literacy Tip for Parents

1.  Picture Books About LOVE


Love Me Tender
by Elvis Presley,
Illustrations by Stephanie Graegin

Elvis Presley's hit song 'Love Me Tender' is reimagined as an ode to families of all shapes and sizes.

Big Hugs, Little Hugs
by Felicia Bond

Short and sweet, this ode to the embrace emphasizes that "Everyone hugs all over the world." The illustrations are cheerful and the few words on each page, just right.



I Need a Hug by Aaron Blabey

A little porcupine just wants a hug, but all the other animals shy away from his prickly spikes--except for a snake.


Need more love stories?
Try this list of LOVE Picture Books!



2.  Fingerplays, Songs, and a Story About Love

This is the Mother  
(Hold up your hand, wiggle one finger one at a time, starting with your thumb, as you name the family, then give yourself a big hug at the end.)

This is the mother,
This is the father,
This is the brother tall.
This is the sister,
This is the baby,
Oh, how we love them all!
Source: Musicmakers for Kids Blog


I Put My Hands Together

I put my hands together
This is how I start
I curve my fingers right around,
And I can make a heart!
Source: Jbrary

A Kiss
(A Rhyme to Kiss Your Baby)

A kiss when I wake in the morning,
A kiss when I go to bed,
A kiss when I burn my fingers,
A kiss when I bump my head.

A kiss when my bath begins,
A kiss when my bath is over,
My mamma is as full of kisses
As a field is full of clover.

Source: King County Library Tell Me a Story

Red is the Color 

(Tune: Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah)


Red is the color of Apples.
Red is the color of Cherries, too.
Red is the color of a fire truck.
I like red don't you?

Source: Childcarelounge

* * * 

A short story, just for fun.

* * *

Best Birthday Present Ever, a Story of Love

(Hold your hands out wide like you are holding a big box)
There's something waiting in this big, big box for me,
What can it be?
Let's unwrap the paper in 1...2...3
Another box?

(Bring your hands closer like you are holding a medium sized box)
Well, there must be something waiting in this medium sized box for me,
What can it be?
Let's unwrap the paper in 1...2...3
Another box?

(Bring your hands closer like you are holding a small sized box)
I bet there's something waiting in this small box for me,
What can it be?
Let's unwrap the paper in 1...2...3
I opened all of my boxes and what did I see?
A candy heart from my family, just waiting there for me!
(Make the shape of a heart with your fingers by bringing your thumbs together and curling your index fingers, touching at the tips, like a heart.)


3. Just for Parents--Early Literacy Tip


"Scientific studies have shown that children develop best
when they have a strong, positive relationship
with at nurturing adult."  

--The Early Literacy Kit by Betsy Diamant and Saroj Ghoting

In Episode 3, the Early Literacy Tip we discussed was about LOVE - how important being loved by a caring adult is to a child's well being and ability to flourish as they grow.  Being loved, hugged and kissed, helps children to physically grow, but also to develop their thinking, comprehension and burgeoning intellect.  When a child is loved he or she is truly free to be who they are fully capable of being.  



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 Thanks to Scott Holmes and Free Music Archive

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