Great Grammy Nominees to Check Out

One of the aspects of the Grammy Awards that most intrigues me is the variety of music that is recognized in different genres. This means there are a whole host of nominees many of us rarely hear about. Some of these artists are obscure and some of them very well known. All of them are worth checking out at your SCCLD library.

Here are five of my favorite nominees from the 58th Grammy Awards.

Antonio Sanchez

Last year one of the major controversies at the Academy Awards was that Sanchez's innovative score for Birdman was disqualified from competing in the Original Score category. Sanchez's score was all percussion and a key element to giving the film its unique feel and tone. Happily, at the Grammy Awards, Sanchez finds himself vying for a trophy as one of the best soundtracks of the year.

Nominated for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media for 

Jazmine Sullivan

One of my favorite albums of 2015 was Jazmine Sullivan's Reality Show.  What a pleasure to see her nominated for three awards including Traditional R&B Performance and R&B Song for "Let It Burn."  The whole album is filled with scorching R&B and Sullivan showing that she can croon, rock, and cradle a song with her exquisite voice.

Nominated for Best R&B Album for
Reality Show


Tony Bennett and Bill Charlap

It's true that Tony Bennett has a shelf full of 17 Grammy Awards and there is a reason for that: he keeps turning out beautiful albums. Accomplished jazz pianist Bill Charlap's delicate and elegant touch is the perfect match for Bennett's style of singing. The addition of Jerome Kern's classic compositions makes for a perfect match and wonderful music.

Nominated for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for
The Silver Lining

Jamison Ross

Ross' name is usually associated with great jazz drumming so it came as a surprise to see him nominated in the Best Jazz VOCAL category. However, Ross' voice is a formidable instrument showing great flexibility and emotion in his debut album.  The resulting album is a wonderful treat for jazz fans.

Nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album for 

My Morning Jacket

The Louisville Kentucky band has been forging their own sound for a while. Initially they were compared to Radiohead but have since evolved with their own take on dreamy rock tunes that incorporate an alternate country sound. This is their second nomination in the alternative performance category (after Evil Urges). The Waterfall takes the band in a new direction as they explore the mood of Northern California.

Nominated for Best Alternative Music Album for
The Waterfall

Check out the full list of Grammy nominees and don't forget to Predict a Grammy Award Winner before February 16.

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