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Design Your Own World and Earn Prizes!


(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics -

Learning Empowerment and Database Skills)

Design Your World
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6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students: The Global Blast Off Challenge

Teen citizens! The world has become uninhabitable. We cannot stay here, but we must live somewhere. Fortunately, we have developed the technology to transport every living person on Earth to any planet of your imagination. You have been charged with designing a new planet for us, planning its infrastructure, and making it home.
Complete the final challenge. Build up your ideal new world, in words, images, and your mind. The most complete, resourceful, well-researched, and creative world will be our new home.

Its designer will be the winner of the Cupertino Library’s STEAM LEADS: Design Your World - Global Blastoff Challenge, the savior of humankind and the recipient of a year-long membership to The Tech Museum in San Jose. 

The Global Blast Off Challenge

Teen citizens! You are a planetary designer and you can shape your planet to be any way you want it to be, but will it be the best planet for everyone? It is up to you to design a new planet for all humankind and convince your fellow Earthlings to choose your planet as the best place to be. This is your final challenge.

Create a planet brochure that includes 5 sections:

  1. Introduction to the Planet
  2. The Environment
  3. Transportation
  4. Technology
  5. Daily Life
We will be looking for completeness, good research, and creativity. Every section except the Introduction section must include citations from authorative sources like library databases.

The 5 Sections:

  1. Introduction to the Planet: Tell us why your planet is the best planet for us to call home.
  2. The Environment: Tell us about the environment on this new planet. Research your ideal environment. Using at least 1 database article, describe the environment, including the climate, landscape and the biodiversity.
  3. How do people travel around on your ideal planet? Using at least 1 library database article, describe the major transportation system that people will use on your planet on a daily basis.
  4. Technology: Tell us about an invention or technology that exists on Earth that makes life better on your planet. Use 1 library resource to help you describe this technology.
  5. Daily Life: Describe a particular element of daily life on your ideal planet. For example, what fashions will we wear? That cuisines will we eat? What will people do for fun - dance, go to the movies, sports? Use 1 library resource to help you give background on that particular element of daily life.
You may use this template or create your own.

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Submit responses by
May 31st 11:59 PM to:

No late entries will be considered.
All submissions must:
  • Be formatted as a brochure
  • Include all 5 sections described in the challenge
  • Cite sources in MLA format & include a Works Cited page.

Submissions that do not adhere to guidelines will be disqualified for prizes.

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ATTENTION: Save the World with Databases!

The library has a plethora of databases to inspire a new generation of interplanetary explorers. Two good ones to start with include:
  • Rourke's World of Science Encyclopedia
  • National Geographic

Go to Research for Teens > Science > Science eBooks.

Attending STEAM Programs Expands Horizons

Picture of planetsThroughout the year, the Cupertino Library will be hosting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math programs to help inspire your designs and have fun with STEAM. Registration Required for All Programs. Stop by the Children's Reference Desk or call (408) 446-1677 ext. 3320 for information on upcoming programs.



STEAM LEADS is Cupertino Library’s engaging and enriching program series for Middle School Students. Aiming to bring science, technology, engineering, arts and math principles to life, STEAM LEADS builds upon state educational standards to introduce creative problem solving skills to today’s middle school students. STEAM LEADS works to enrich education through direct engagement with these subjects that would help enable students to compete internationally. STEAM LEADS programming, held in library, off site in the community, and online, utilizes the knowledge of subject area experts and the library’s robust online resources to help make program topics accessible. Generously sponsored by the Friends of the Cupertino Library, STEAM LEADS helps create tomorrow’s leaders today.
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