October is Also Inktober

Cupertino library patrons, we were amazed by your enthusiasm for our art instruction programs this summer. We appreciated it, and we’re sorry we couldn’t accommodate everyone who wanted to take part. 

Did you know that the month of October is also Inktober? Never heard of it? Find out more:  artprompts.org/what-is-inktober/

Inktober is:

  • Self-directed and self-paced
  • Completely voluntary
  • Good drawing practice  
  • Interested artists of any age can participate.
  • Lots of fun

If you don’t already own art equipment, the great thing about pen and ink drawing is that you don’t need much. Start with the basics:

A Sketchbook: I recommend a wire-bound sketchbook with rigid covers. They stay open to the page you’re working on, and the covers serve as a built-in drawing board. Size is up to you, but it's handy to have a compact sketchbook that fits into purses, backpacks or briefcases. 
At least one drawing pencil—I use Derwent drawing pencils, but the brand is unimportant. 
An eraser—I favor kneaded rubber erasers which don’t smudge or damage the paper surface.
Drawing Pens: My favorite brands are Staedler and Sakura Pigma Micron.  It’s easy to get carried away when buying art supplies—at least for me. But really, you only need one pen. If you can spend a little more, buy three; fine, medium and large.

What to draw? If the Inktober prompts don’t work for you, start with simple drawings to build your confidence. Here are a few books on pen and ink drawing in our collection if extra guidance would help. 

Drawing in Pen & Ink

Drawing in Pen & Ink

Nice, Claudia

741.26 NICE


The Big Book of Drawing

An Introduction to Essential Materials and Techniques

Sanmiguel, David 

Rendering in Pen and Ink  

Rendering in Pen and Ink

720.284 GUPTILL 1997 

Mundane objects like kitchen utensils, fruits, vegetables, books, shoes, car keys, the cat, the dog, Halloween decorations, a hairbrush and comb, your smart phone, etc etc can be surprisingly interesting and challenging to draw. 
You don’t have to spend hours on your drawings, either. See what you can accomplish in twenty, ten or even five minutes if that’s the time you have.

 Have FUN! On your mark, get set, DRAW!


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