Let's Eat!

Whether you have candy left over from Halloween or sugar skulls from Dia de Los Muertos, the coming months mean food celebrations for many people. There's Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's, to name several. 
Kids can learn more about the different countries of the world and their customs by investigating the CultureGrams database, available through the library's website. Simply go to the Kids dropdown menu, choose Kids' Online Library, then Homework Help, Customs, and CultureGrams. The Kids Edition is the one to explore, with a wealth of information on historical timelines, holidays, people, and cultural traditions.
Here are a few resources you can borrow from the library to celebrate how alike we all are, no matter what our backgrounds. 
Coco Soundtrack Music CD The movie Coco is a classic at this time of year, and children will enjoy having the soundtrack to remind them of the sweet story of how Miguel brings music back to his family during his Dia de Los Muertos celebration.
a comer by Pat Mora Pat Mora tells of how a family feels rich as they prepare to eat a delicious dinner in this bilingual picture book.
A Gift from Abuela by Cecilia Ruiz Cecilia Ruiz illustrates her touching story of a Mexican grandmother who saves money to buy a gift for her beloved granddaughter. Children will love the twist of how the granddaughter turns the tables and makes the gift one for her grandmother instead.
Fangsgiving by Ethan Long Even vampires have family issues to deal with at Thanksgiving time! Lots of laughs are in store in this tale of a feast gone wrong despite the best of intentions.
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