Toddler Time at Campbell Library

Royal Reads! 

Favorite Books
Princess Baby, Night-nightThe Foggy, Foggy ForestGiddy-up! Let's Ride!

Princess Baby, Night-Night by Karen Katz
The Foggy Foggy Forest by Nick Sharratt
Giddy-up! Let's Ride! by Flora McDonnell

Favorite Fingerplays and Action Songs
Dragon, Dragon
Dragon dragon turn around.
Dragon dragon touch the ground.
Dragon dragon fly up high.
Dragon dragon float in the sky.
Dragon dragon shake your tail.
Dragon dragon move slow like a snail.
Dragon dragon give a roar.
Dragon dragon sit back down on the floor.

The Little Green Frogs
Jump, jump went the little green frogs one day
Jump, jump went the little green frogs
Jump, jump went the little green frogs one day
-And their eyes went blink, blink, blink
-And their tongues went glunk, glunk, glunk

Milkshake Song
Let’s Make a Milkshake
You take a little milk (pour some milk)
You take a little cream (pour the cream)
You stir it all up,
You shake it and you’ll see
1 -2 -3 4
Milkshake, milkshake
Shake it up, shake it up
Milkshake, milkshake
Shake it all up
Okay, now drink it, sluuuurp, mmmmmmmm

Favorite iPod Action Songs 
Five Little Ducks by Raffi (CD: Rise and Shine)
Can't Wait to Celebrate by Jim Gill (CD: Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem)
Can Can Dance by Georgiana Steward (CD: Toddlerific)
Hokey Pokey by Stacy Beuhler (CD: Songs for Wiggleworms)

Early Literacy Tip of the Day
Hold the book upside down or backwards. See if your child notices. If not, point it out! Young kids need to learn how to hold a book, know which is the cover, which is the back. This is a fun way to show this! 
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