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What Would Snoopy Read?

Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 by Tina Drew

What Would Snoopy Read? If you were Snoopy, America's favorite beagle, what would be on your reading list?

The 55th Anniversary of the Peace Corps

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by Tina Drew

March 1st marks the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps.

Silicon Valley Reads 2017

Posted on Thursday, January 12, 2017 by Jeannie Takagi Hsu

Silicon Valley Reads 2017 In 2017, the 15th anniversary, Silicon Valley Reads focuses on “. . . and justice for all,” a conversation about the unconscious biases we all have, and how these assumptions, perceptions and prejudices can lead to people being treated unfairly, especially in the legal system. 

Uncommon Vacation Destinations - Try Something New!

Posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 by Tina Drew

Uncommon Vacation Destinations - Try Something New! Have a great adventure! Make a plan this year to visit somewhere new, exotic, lesser known. Here’s a list of more unusual travel destinations to explore and enjoy.

Silicon Valley Reads 2016

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 by Gail Mason

Silicon Valley Reads 2016 Too little rain . . . too much rain.  Either case of extreme weather can dramatically impact everyday life. Silicon Valley Reads 2016 explores the effects of climate change with its theme “Chance of Rain”, featuring the books Memory of Water by Emmi Itäranta and Sherwood Nation by Benjamin Parzybok.

Best Books of 2015

Posted on Thursday, December 24, 2015 by Shoshana Francis

Best Books of 2015 Looking for something new to read? Find out what you missed in 2015!