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Bookmobile History

Bookmobile Timeline

  • 1953 - June 2nd: The first Bookmobile begins service. All 40 stops are in outlying areas where no branches are established. It is immediately popular and successful.
  • 1956 - A second Bookmobile is established.
  • 1958 - A third Bookmobile begins service. The Bookmobile now services over 100 stops, mainly to young families with children and elementary-age children who attend schools with no library.
  • 1978 - Proposition 13 passes resulting in a reduction in service. 2 Bookmobiles continue to serve the community.
  • 1981 - March: Service further reduced to 1 Bookmobile with bi-weekly service.
  • 1980s & 1990s - Bookmobile service evolves and changes depending on funding and changing social patterns, including the growth of preschools and retirement communities.
  • 2004 - Due to deep budget cuts, Bookmobile goes to 4-day service for 34 stops, Tuesday through Friday. Service is dropped to most preschool/school facilities while changing focus to geographically remote patrons, patrons with limited mobility, and special-needs patrons.
  • Today - The current Bookmobile has 51 stops in every community in the County, including unincorporated areas and previously dropped preschool/school facilities, and runs Monday through Saturday.