Panda Perfect Picture Books

What is new in the picture book world of pandas? Here are five titles for you in alphabetical order by the author’s last name:


I'll Wait, Mr. Panda
I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Mr. Panda is baking a special treat, but waiting for it can be so hard!


Panda Pants
Panda Pants by Jacqueline Davies
Panda tries to convince his father that he needs a pair of pants.


Our Love Grows
Our Love Grows by Anna Pignataro

Pip’s mother shows him how he is growing and changing just like the world around him.


Chee-Kee: A Panda in Bearland by Sujean Rim

Chee-Kee the panda feels so different and wonders if he will ever fit in when he and his family move to Bearland.


Chengdu Can Do
Chengdu Can Do by Barney Saltzberg

Chengdu is able to do so many things all by himself, but can he do everything by himself?

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