SCCLD Student eAccounts

Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) is partnering with all of the public school districts in our service area to offer free library eAccounts to all K-12 students. This library eAccount provides access to quality online information and resources when and where the students need them. A library card is the most important school supply of all!

Please check in with your school on details for your student’s access.

Students should log in to the dedicated Student Portal for Library Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eAccount?

The eAccount is based on the Student ID information, so it is easy to remember and students can use their accounts to log into the Student Portal from home, school or anywhere with internet access. The Student Portal is available 24/7.

What can my student do with their eAccount?

Access online resources such as research databases, scholarly articles, eBooks, tutoring, language learning, and more. And we know students also need some down time, so they will also have access to our digital movies, music, eComics, videos and more from our online library.

What information will be collected? Will it be shared?

In order to successfully create these eAccounts, the Library will be use the student’s name, phone number, address, birthday and student ID number.

SCCLD takes privacy and security very seriously. Our privacy policy can be viewed here. SCCLD never shares information with third parties, and as a Santa Clara County department, abides by stringent security guidelines. 

What if my child already has a Library card?

If your child already has a Library card, we will still create an account using their Student ID. Your student can then choose which account to use.

Additionally, a student can easily attach or merge a full use library card for in-person use at any SCCLD library to check out books and other materials, without being asked to provide additional proof of their information.  If any of these pieces is missing, a student will need to visit a library to provide ID, birthdate, and proof of address in-person to get a physical SCCLD library card.

More questions? Contact us.