Early Learning Online Services

Enhance Early Learning: Talk, Sing, Read, Write, and Play with these Online Services!


ABC mouse

ABCmouse banner

ABCmouse.com is an online learning resource for children aged 2 through 8+, designed to help them build a strong educational foundation for school readiness. Create a parent account and add up to 3 child learners. Children can play educational games, read interactive books, and take lessons in school subjects. ABCmouse will help them develop learning and study skills and assist in their education from the comfort of home.



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ReadyRosie is a resource for parents of children ages 0-6 years. With just a click, parents can see videos and gain insight on how to best share information and develop early literacy skills for little ones. The first five years are important for the development of a child's brain! Early experiences provide the basis for brain development and functioning, which has a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities.

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