Reading for a Healthier Child and You

With the New Year approaching, you might be making resolutions to improve your health and fitness. Why not make it a family resolution and include the kids as well? One way to promote healthier children is through reading. Reading can encourage children to work every muscle in their bodies. From the rhythmic cadence of poetry to picture books on yoga, books can encourage children to move, dance, stretch, jump, skip, and laugh. Children’s books can be especially helpful in teaching topics like nutrition, the importance of exercise, and proper hygiene to stay healthy, in colorful, engaging ways that resonate with children. Many of these books are also useful to adults seeking similar information, exercise inspiration, cooking tips and even simple, healthy recipes. Read these books with your children and you can both learn how to bring your healthy resolutions into reality. Books aren’t just for reading; they can move us forward, creatively, emotionally, intellectually, and literally.

Check out the following books and find many more at your local library.

 I Am Yoga by Susan Verde
With colorful, bright illustrations, a young girl demonstrate different yoga poses to help her relax and come to a sense of peace within herself.

 Wiggle by Doreen Cronin
The fun rhyming text of this picture book describes many different actions that children will be quick to imitate.

 Leopold the Lion by Denise Brennan-Nelson
Two children try raising a lion on junk food and by keeping him inside, but he soon loses the shine in his eyes and the energy in his step. Can they find a way to help him?

 The Wheels on the Bus by Jane Cabrera
Get children roaring, flapping, and splashing along to the tune of The Wheels of the Bus in this fun animal-filled version of the song.

Hop, Hop, Jump! by Lauren Thompson
This rhythmic text gets kids moving every part of their bodies from their elbows to their toes.

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