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October 6th - Mad Hatter Day

In 1986, a group of computer programmers in Boulder, Colorado became bored with bits and bytes. They decided to be silly and playful by creating a special day - Mad Hatter Day.  This is a day to wear a hat and be silly.  

S’mores, Bug Bites, and First Love – Summer Camp Stories

March Madness! It is not just college basketball. This is the time when parents scramble to sign-up their kids for summer camps. Recently, BayAreaParent magazine had a story called "How to Find a Camp that Fits Your Budget" by Malaika Farley. The author listed some of the most...

FREE! “Summer Skills Camp” from Brainfuse

Students in grades 3-12 can stay engaged over the summer through mini lessons and games to brush up their academic skills.

Too many books, too little time? Read these picture biography books in minutes!

Who made Lego blocks? How did Noah Webster write a book to separate American English from British English? Here are some quick reads about interesting people and fantastic ideas:

Help! My biography report is due tomorrow!

Biography Information 24/7 for Homework  

Playing during Storytime

Playing is a vital part of my storytime