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What SHOULD they read?

Maybe some anger management for Laertes? Grief counseling for  Horatio? A bit of late-night recreational  reading for Fortinbras, to take his mind off the problems of regime change?

What Would Ophelia Read?

Why is love so confusing and so difficult? One day Prince Hamlet's writing you love poems, the next, he says "get thee to a nunnery!"  What would Ophelia read?

What Would Polonius Read?

Why, when you have so much wisdom and experience to impart, will no one listen to you?  

Cupertino Library Performing Arts Series: PAMPA Dance Academy

Join us on Saturday October 1, at 4:30 pm in the Community Hall, join us for a performance by the PAMPA Dance Academy, the third program in the Cupertino Library Fall Performing Arts Series.

Throw that Fourth of July Barbecue

Americans love our barbecue, especially during the summer months. Fourth of July Barbecues are about as American as it can get.  Here's a few suggested cookbooks to get started. 

Mark Larson Film Series: Treasures of the Public Domain

Mark Larson is back! Even better, thanks to the Cupertino Bluelight Cinema 5, we have an actual movie theater to accomodate you.  The series begins Thursday October 8  at 6:30 pm with His Girl Friday (1940) and continues weekly through Thursday November 12th.

It's As "Easy" as Pie?

Ah, summer fruit pies! Wouldn't you like some now? However, without the humble pie crust, you just don't have pie.  But with patience and persistence, you, too, can learn to  make pie crust. Yes, really.