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The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

A space opera with a heart.

Dying to be With His Girlfriend

Milo, a fishing guide, is about to be eaten by a shark. Dying is not new to him. He has died more times, and in more ways, than anyone else ever has.

Herstory Exhibit: The Legal History of Chinese-American Women

Confucius once said "Lawsuits only bring disasters to all involved." He was wrong. A legacy of brave Chinese American women dared to defy this tradition by launching a series of lawsuits which not only changed their own lives but consequently cemented the human rights of all Chinese...

Business Plans Handbook

Have you ever thought of starting an Agricultural Drone Service?  How about a 3-D Property Imaging  business?  Well, if you ever change your mind, Business Plans Handbook has you covered!

Explore the universe

Escape Earth's gravity well at the library.  Find some excellent science fiction to fire your imagination.

Technology shrinks the world

Are you really "away" when your every move is chronicled in Facebook?