Herstory Exhibit: The Legal History of Chinese-American Women

HerstoryAn opening reception for the Herstory exhibit will be held on Sep 23, 2017 at 3:00pm in the Cupertino Community Hall next to the Library. Guest speakers include Director Ma of TECO, Alissa Kim, grand-niece of Mamie Tape, Tape v. Hurley, and Felicia Lowe, daughter of Lettie Kam, a paper daughter.  Chinese Couplets, a film by Felicia Lowe, https://www.chinesecouplets.com/) will show after the speakers finish.

The Herstory exhibit is at both Cupertino and Saratoga Libraries for two months, September - October 2017.

Discover why "Herstory - The Legal Story of Chinese American Women" has taken the American and Chinese communities by storm. This unprecedented exhibition memorializes all the landmark cases in the Supreme Courts where Chinese American women fought for their dignity and legal standing in the United States of America.
Cases after cases, visitors are shocked & inspired to learn about the untold stories of female oppression and resistance. One of the cases dated as far back as 1876 when 22 Chinese women came from Hong Kong to San Francisco but were denied entry because the immigration officers in San Francisco labeled them "prostitutes." They fiercely battled for their right to stay in the U.S. and this case ultimately became the first Supreme Court case won by the Chinese Americans.
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