Loma Prieta Earthquake 30th Anniversary

Thursday, October 17th, 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has proclaimed it as Earthquake Readiness Day. This 6.9 magnitude quake significantly impacted Bay Area communities. Lives were lost and thousands of individuals were injured and displaced from their homes. The Loma Prieta earthquake is a powerful reminder to prepare ahead for earthquakes, floods, fires or whatever hazards may occur.
When a disaster happens, our thoughts go immediately to our family and friends. We can reduce uncertainty and stress by including a family communications plan in our emergency preparedness plan so we can more readily reconnect with our loved ones. Adequate water, food and other supplies set aside in a safe, accessible place are also essential during a disaster. I encourage you to take advantage of several emergency preparedness planning tools provided by the Office of Emergency Management-- ReadySCC and Do1thing – which are available at www.preparescc.org. For more details on preparing for earthquakes, visit http://bit.ly/Earthquake-Ready.
On October 17, 2019, hundreds of thousands of people all over the state will “drop, cover and hold on” at exactly 10:17a.m. as part of the Great Shakeout earthquake drill. I invite you and your co-workers to participate in this drill, so we all become familiar with this basic, lifesaving procedure and help ensure our earthquake readiness.
Please take the opportunity of Earthquake Readiness Day and the 30th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake to build your individual resilience through emergency preparedness. The steps we take today to be prepared will pay off in the future should a disaster strike. 

The library has resources to help you plan for an earthquake, such as these:
Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?: How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Living With Earthquakes in California

Living with Earthquakes in California: a Survivor's Guide

We also have books with historical information on the infamous Loma Prieta Earthquake that you can access HERE and online resources you can access HERE. (You will have to log in with your library card number and PIN to access the online resources from outside the library.)
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