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Roll the Dice, Make a Story!

Where do writers get their ideas from? Thin air? A magical land of stories and plotlines? (Not to be confused with The Land of Stories, that's Chris Colfer.) Every idea is different, but the Los Altos Library has a display and craft this month to help you come up with a great plotline, no ideas required. 

For the month of November you can find Story Dice at the Los Altos Library. Stop by and roll for a story idea in several genres, and to receive an instruction-kit to make your own dice! 
Mystery genre dice read: A hairdresser with terrible luck trips and falls on a skeleton in Victorian London. Ready to uncover a secret identity or solve an age-old cold case? Try rolling our mystery dice!
Horror genre dice read: A librarian who knows dark magic meets a ghost with a message in a haunted house. Not afraid of a bump in the night or a disembodied voice with a grudge? It's your funeral, but roll the horror dice!
Romance genre dice read: a bounty hunter captures a duke in a world full of vampires. Do you want a happy ending, possibly involving a duke or the highlands? Our romance dice are for you!

Are you inspired to start writing your novel this November? Click here to visit and join National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is a non-profit that's all about writing the novel you've always wanted to - in only one month!

For more information about the dice, find the video tutorial on the Los Altos Library Facebook page. If you come up with a story, we'd love to hear about it! Comment below or post a picture of your dice-roll (or self-made dice!) on Facebook or Instagram and tag @losaltoslibrary.

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