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What I Do At NASA: Week 2

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Person of the Week:

Photo of Lynn Harper
Lynn D. Harper

Job Title: 
Lead for Integrative Studies, Space Portal, NASA Ames Research Center, Partnership Office in the Office of the Director.

What I do for NASA: 
Lead multi-discipline and multi-organizational studies to develop the commercial potential of space for NASA and public benefit.  See

What I am reading right now: 
The Language of Flowers The Language of Flowers
by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
The Very First Light The Very First Light
by John Boslough and John Mather
The Man Who Sold the Moon The Man Who Sold the Moon
by Robert Heinlein
Orphans of the Sky Orphans of the Sky
by Robert Heinlein
Beyond This Horizon Beyond This Horizon
by Robert Heinlein

What I am looking forward to this summer: 
Working on ways to use space to generate medical advances that benefit humanity as Administrator of NASA's Vascular Tissue Centennial Challenge as well as advancing new products and industries that promote the economic growth of the nation.  At home, my three children and I are doing a DIY renovation of the first floor of our home (a first for us).


Located right here in Silicon Valley, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Ames Research Center contributes to virtually every major NASA mission and initiative via expertise in the following core areas:
  • Entry systems
  • Advanced Computing & IT Systems
  • Aerosciences
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Astrobiology and Life Science
  • Cost-Effective Space Missions
  • Intelligent/Adaptive Systems
  • Space and Earth Science

This incredible research center is one of 10 field centers for NASA and has been a leader in world class development and research for 70 years. 

Over 2500 people work in a variety of roles at Ames from scientists and engineers to educators and inventors. SCCLD’s Reading by Design program celebrates such creativity, inquisitiveness and innovation crucial in these exciting roles. This summer SCCLD in partnership with NASA will spotlight some these amazing people and their work at NASA Ames.

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