Online Access to Your Favorite Magazines with Flipster

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Santa Clara County Library patrons can now access their favorite digital magazine using Flipster. You can “flip” through the entire current issue of a magazine as well as access the back issues. Flipster is available either on your desktop computer or you can download the Flipster app for your mobile device (iOS/Android/Kindle Fire.)

The collection has unlimited access, there are no holds, and select titles may have an expiration period of 2 days (weekly titles) or 7 days (monthly titles). You can always re-download the title to continue reading if the magazine has expired.

A helpful tutorial can be found here.

The collection includes the digital versions of magazines such as People, Sports Illustrated, Consumer Reports, Science, Scientific American, and much more.

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Michelle Crowe
I am interested and excited to check this service out. I also plan to blog about it. Thank you.
9/16/2018 3:09:37 PM

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