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A Trip to the Grocery Store – Learning to Read

A trip to the grocery store might seem like a mundane errand but it can be an exciting time to teach your young child pre-reading skills! Pointing out the colors and shapes of different objects will help with letter and sound recognition, nurturing and supporting early literacy.

This might seem simple but it will help build a strong foundation in vocabulary to get your child ready to read! Here are some great books to help you out after you have visited the grocery store. Next time try it with the hardware store, your local park or even the post office! 
Stanley's Store Stanley's Store
by William Bee
Fresh Delicious Poems From the Farmer's Market Fresh Delicious: Poems From the Farmer's Market
by Irene Latham
On the Farm, On the Market On the Farm, at the Market
by G. Brian Karas
How Are you Peeling? How Are You Peeling? Foods with Moods
by Saxton Freymann

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