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Yoga for Well-being & Peace


Yoga is known as a good exercise in promoting our physical and mental wellness.  Statistically, more than 13 million adults practice yoga in the United States.  Recent studies show yoga has proven benefits in helping people with chronic lower-back pain to improve mobility and for helping people with depression to reduce anxiety.  In addition, yoga helps manage blood pressure, heart beats, and insomnia. 

Most yoga practice involves breathing exercises, different stretching poses and even meditation.  In spite of its many advantages, physicians caution that yoga is not a good choice for people with certain conditions such as herniated disc, glaucoma, severe osteoporosis, and individuals with risk of blood clots.  There are various types of yoga for different needs.  To prevent injury, it is strongly recommended that you should consult with your health care provider first before practicing yoga.

Our library has rich resources for practicing yoga, which include magazines, DVDs, and books.  Some popular titles are as follows which include 10 Minute Solution Yoga, Yoga Journal, Yoga for Your Pregnancy, and Yoga : the Path to Holistic Health. You can explore our catalog to find more.


Our library also offers classes that you can attend.  The yoga class is offered at Campbell Library by Isha Foundation from August to November.   The guided meditation and mindfulness class is available at Milpitas Library.

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