Which emotion is in charge of you today?

Children, like adults, are full of emotions that may be confusing to them. This summer's hit movie Inside Out offers a perfect teachable moment for exploring feelings. The picture books below offer great starting points for discussions about emotions, regardless of whether you have seen the movie.
Prickly Jenny Toddlers and grownups alike will love meeting Jenny, who doesn't know what she wants. This book is a good choice to discuss feeling out of sorts because you feel out of control.
The Queen of Colors Matilda has a color for every mood, which works out fine until she argues with one of the colors. Rainbow tears turn out to be the answer to the problem!
Celia Celia helps her neighbors by listening to their problems and collecting seeds from them. When Julian comes to her without a seed, she needs to figure out a way to help him let go of his sadness.
Feelings! Very young children will love the call and response format of this book that teaches children how to recognize and deal with their feelings.
Scowl Scowl is a grumpy owl who must figure out a new emotion when another bird gives him a happy hat.
Olive and the Bad Mood Olive is, as the title suggests, in a bad mood. She passes her bad mood onto everyone else and then cannot understand why others are grumpy after her bad mood has passed.
My Blue Is Happy Which is your favorite color? How does it make you feel? Different people feel differently when they see a variety of colors.

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