New Science AAAS Journals Available!

We’ve expanded our online journal collection from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Patrons can now enjoy the following journal titles available at 
Science Journal Cover Image Science – scientific research, global news, and commentary, 1997-present.
Science Journal October 1959 Image Cover Science Classic – Science journal archive, 1880-1996.
Science Signaling Journal Cover Image Science Signaling – research & commentary on cellular signaling.
Science Translational Medicine Journal Cover Image Science Translational Medicine – Bench-to-bedside and back again health resource integrating medicine, engineering and science.
Science Immunology Journal Cover Image Science Immunology – the latest immunological research.
Science Robotics Journal Cover Image Science Robotics – robotics in science and medicine.

The journal Science was funded with seed money by Thomas Edison in 1880. It has since become one of the most cited journals in the field of science. The journal is peer-reviewed and many contributors are Nobel Prize recipients.
In addition to the journals, the online collection also provides the latest science news as well as a section dedicated to career resources in science. Moreover patrons will find book and media reviews from the journal Science (accessible through the Table of Contents of the journal Science).
A good place to start is at the top of the page where you’ll find the following links:
  •        Home
  •        News
  •        Journals
  •        Topics
  •        Career
Another good way is to navigate the Table of Contents of each journal to learn what else you might peruse.
Checkout the breakthroughs of 2018 and then read up on them in our online collection. 
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