Introducing. . . Storytime Seedlings: A Podcast to Grow Readers--Episode 1: Delicious and Nutritious



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Introducing. . . 

Storytime Seedlings:
A Podcast to Grow Young Readers

Episode 1: Delicious and Nutritiou

Join us for our first episode where we follow our story time theme about good food to eat, drink, sing and read about. You will find book ideas, fingerplays, action rhymes and songs to listen to at home, in the car, while folding laundry, fixing dinner, washing dishes or anytime you want to have a fun listen or need a storytime fix. Plus, especially for parents, Early Literacy Tips.

Episode 1 is just 12 minutes long. The first ten minutes features books and fingerplays. The final two minutes are devoted to sharing an Early Literacy Tip.



1. Picture Books

2. Fingerplays and Songs

3. Early Literacy Tip for Parents



1. Delicious and Nutritious Picture Books 


Who's Hungry?
by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt

The animals are all hungry. Can you help them find something tasty to eat? Flip the flaps and feed them in this endlessly satisfying and scrumptious interactive flap book for very young children. Another fun and colourful collaboration from Dean Hacohen and Scharschmidt


Baby Cakes by Theo Heras
These little ones know baking is hard work and messy work, but it sure is fun. Put on an apron, gather ingredients, measure the flour try to keep kitty off the counter! Wash sticky fingers, and let mommy put the cakes in the oven. Waiting, the hardest part, is rewarded with more than just baby cakes.



Every Color Soup by Jorey Hurley
Describes how to make a colorful, delicious vegetable soup. Includes recipe.

Heidi mentions in the podcast that she would pair Every Color Soup with the fingerplay: Five Fat Peas
(see Section 2 below).


2. Delicious and Nutritious Fingerplays,
Action Rhymes and Songs


3. Just for Parents--Early Literacy Tip


Modify the sharing and reading of picturebooks to the age
and attention span of your child.

In Episode 1, we talk about reading the same book to different ages of children. The book Baby Cakes by Theo Heras, for example, can be read to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. 
      Babies will enjoy the big, colorful pictures of children and kitchen cooking, but only need a few pages (and a few words) read to them - try no more then five pages that will give a simple illustration of sequence of events, beginning, middle and end. 
     Toddlers are ready for more words and more pages, try up to 10 pages of Baby Cakes, modifying the number of words is necessary if they are too wiggly.
    Preschoolers should be able to sit for the entire book, all of the words in Baby Cakes, but even they can be too tired, or grumpy or distracted to sit for the whole thing. It's okay to modify, make the reading a fun experience. 

     Children love to be challenged, especially if it involves more time with and, attention from, the adults they love! However, they will also let you know their limits!

We are the Storytime Seedlings Podcasters
(and Children's Librarians):


Heidi (left)
does the storytimes for: 

1's & 2's Together 
(Music and Movement for children aged 1 to 2 years) on Tuesdays at 10:30 am and 11:15 am.


Lauren (right)
the storytimes for:

Baby Bouncers Lapsit, a program for infants with a caregiver, on Thursdays at 11:30 am 

  --- and ---

3's & 4's Budding Bookworms (Stories and Songs for 3, 4, and 5 year olds) on Thursdays at 10:30 am

**Evaluations needed:

After you listen to episode 1 and when you have time - please let us know what you think of the podcast and
 take this quick survey! Thanks!


Our thanks to the following resources for Episode 1:

Free Music Archive and Scott Holmes (music) 

King County Library Tell Me a Story - Coffee Action Rhyme

Jbrary -- new fingerplays and rhymes

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