Embrace and Beware the Child Genius

You may not be able to calculate pi to the 50th decimal place (3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510). You may not know precisely which plants of the Solanum genus are poisonous and which are safe. You may not be able to spell the longest word in the English language (surprise, it’s not super-cali-fragi-listic-expi-ali-docious) or build a laser gun in 20 minutes out of the contents of your recycling bin. But maybe you’d like to pretend that you can. The child genius, whether evil or not, is a fascinating character to read about and to live vicariously through.

For Adults:

Flavie-de-Luce-image.jpg Flavia de Luce mysteries 
by C. Alan Bradley
Starring an 11-year-old chemistry prodigee and amateur sleuth.
Elfhome-image.jpg Elfhome fantasy series  by Wen Spenser 
Featuring genius children in a near-future USA now populated mostly by elves.
44-Scotland-Street-image-(1).jpg 44 Scotland Street series  by Alexander McCall Smith
Tales of 6-year-old savant Bertie and his eccentric neighbors.

For Teens:

Geek High series 
by Piper Banks
Where Miranda attends, and tries to fit in at, a high school for kids with high IQs.
The Specialists series
by Shannon Greenland
Starring genius undercover teen model (what a combination!) Kelly James.
Genius trilogy
by Catherine Jinks
Cadell Piggott is a teen genius studying for his degree in World Domination and trying to save the world. 
And here’s a link to some stand-alone titles about young geniuses for teens.  

For kids:

There are a lot of titles available for kids (perhaps for all those child geniuses-in-training). Try these series, but here is a link to a long list of other stand-alone titles just for kids.

Artemis-fowl-image.jpg The Artemis Fowl series (one of my favorites – the narrator of the audiobooks is outstanding) by Eoin Colfer is recommended for grades 7-10. Artemis Fowl is a rich, teenaged criminal mastermind. In trying to steal riches, he gets mixed up mystical creatures in the secret service of their underground world.
The H.I.V.E. series by Mark Walden is recommended for grades 5-8. H.I.V.E. stands for the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, a secret school with the purpose of training children to become criminal masterminds. But they only accept child geniuses who have already shown criminal leanings. HIVE-image.jpg
Genius-files-image.jpg The Genius Files series by Dan Gutman is recommended for grades 4-7. In the Genius Files, brilliant twins Coke and Pepsi McDonald are on a dangerous and incredible road trip across the United States, getting into outrageous predicaments and escaping villains at every turn.
The Sunny Sweet books by Jennifer Ann Mann are recommended for grades 3-5. Little genius Sunny Sweet is a terror to her sister Masha, always getting her into messes. Can Masha get them out of trouble and keep herself from killing her little sister? This series is for young elementary school kids. Sunny-Sweet-image.jpg
Mal-and-Chad-image.jpg The Mal and Chad graphic novel series by Stephen McCranie is recommended for grades 2-5. Super genius Mal and his talking dog Chad get into funny adventures in this graphic novel series for kids graduating from picture books.
The Mysterious Benedict Society (a series by Trenton Lee Stewart and recommended for grades 5-9) is made up of four children, each gifted in different ways. The children get recruited by Nicholas Benedict to help him stop his evil twin from taking over the world. Mysterious-Benedict-Society-image.jpg
Ruby-Redfort-image.jpg The Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child is recommended for grades 5-8. Ruby Redfort is the favorite book series of Clarice Bean, Lauren Child’s other popular series. Ruby is a daring genius, a special agent, and a detective with amazing gadgets at the ripe old age of 13.


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