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Storytime Seedlings:
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Episode 2:  Teeth!
February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Join us for Episode 2 where we follow our story time theme about taking care of our teeth! You will find book ideas, fingerplays, songs, and even a story to listen to at home, in the car, while folding laundry, fixing dinner, washing dishes, or anytime you want to have a fun listen or need a storytime fix. Plus, especially for parents, Early Literacy Tips.

Episode 2 is just 12 minutes long. 

Click here for information on National Children's Dental Health Month.



1. Picture Books

2. Fingerplays and Songs

3. Early Literacy Tip for Parents


1.  Picture Books About Teeth (Dental Health) 


Clarabella's Teeth
by A
n Vrombaut

Clarabella the crocodile cannot play with her friends because she is busy brushing her teeth--and crocodiles have lots of teeth!


The Crocodile and the Dentist 
by Taro Gomi

Crocodile goes to the dentist, and both of them have to overcome their fears--not only of tooth extractions, but of each other.

Note:  "The Story of Baby Bear's Loose Tooth" was adapted and told by Lauren, based on the following stories: 



Bear's Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson

When Bear discovers he has a loose tooth, his friends try to help make it fall out.

Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales
by Lucy Cousins

The story of The Enormous Turnip is found in this delightful collection of fairy tales for young children--eight classic stories, told with bold language and vibrant pictures. 

More books about Teeth? Yes! Just try this list by clicking here.


2. Fingerplays and Songs about Teeth


3. Just for Parents--Early Literacy Tip


"This is the way we brush our teeth..."

Teach your children by singing to them!

In Episode 2, we talk about using songs to teach children how to do ordinary things, like brushing your teeth. You and your child can sing the song, "This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth," as you are getting ready for bed or waking up in the morning. Singing makes everyday tasks fun and easy. Songs help us remember and learning by singing adds to a child's comprehension--growing a reader!

   We also talked about how stories can make life challenges less challenging--a story about a baby bear who has a loose tooth can help a child deal with the unknown that comes with losing their first tooth.


Information on
National Children's Dental Health Month


American Dental Association (ADA) 

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