Teen Pick of the Month: The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

By F. C. Lee

Grades 8-12
310 Pages

Eugenia Lo (Genie for short) is a San Francisco Bay Area teenager who is studying like crazy to get into a great college.  

Genie’s intense high school schedule is completely messed up when she tries to save a boy from a bunch of kids beating him up. The boy is not a regular boy and things are not what they appear. 

Soon, Genie discovers that she is the human reincarnation of the Monkey King’s legendary staff that was used to batter the very gates of heaven. It turns out that there has been a massive jailbreak from Diyu, the Chinese hell, and there are over a hundred powerful demons about to descend on humanity. 

Genie is one of the only beings that can deal with them.

Unfortunately for her, the other being is the boy she saw getting beat up. He is Quentin Sun, an annoyingly superior and odd transfer student from China. Quentin is also the teenage embodiment of the Monkey King himself.

Is it possible to clean up a demon infestation and get into an Ivy League college?

It’s too bad that Harvard doesn’t offer scholarships for fighting evil. 

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