Playaway Launchpads Are Here!

Early Learning: Playaway Launchpads make reading fun!

How does reading help in your child’s development?

Reading together helps children develop a love of reading and increase their vocabulary and knowledge of the world.  Listening while reading enables children to understand texts and improve their comprehension. Introduce your child to different concepts and genres, for example, the Playaway Launchpads.
Image: Playaway Launchpad
5,4,3,2,1…ready for liftoff! Playaway Launchpads have arrived at the Santa Clara County Libraries and are circulating! The Playaway Launchpad is a pre-loaded video player that makes content accessible in a simple, secure, portable and durable format. Each Playaway Launchpad comes pre-loaded with 10+ high-quality, ad-free learning applications grouped together by subject area, themes, grade levels and age. The subject area pack contains six fundamental learning areas: English and language arts, math, science, language learning, critical thinking and creativity.

Image: Possible app icons on the launchpad
Each tablet is a new adventure because it gives the kids the opportunity to make every Launchpad experience their own by designing their own personal explorer, gives caretakers data about time spent on the tablet, and  has a one-touch reset that makes it easy to pass from one child to the next!
Image: Playaway Launchpad avatar builder

Here are Some Titles:
Plus, it’s Fun!
Go! Go! Go! Transportation
Once Upon a Story!
Look Who’s Creeping In
Playground of Letters! English Language Arts
And more!
Image: Informational console

Incorporate interactive reading into your day during a car ride, in the restaurant, while waiting in line somewhere or at the park. For example, Look Who’s Creeping In contains interactive books filled with stories to help readers in the 370L-480L range by improving reading comprehension skills. In Go! Go! Go! Transportation, children will get to know and interact with different modes of transportation through games, stories and puzzles. Check out a Playaway Launchpad or more in the Children’s Room of the library as well as in the library’s catalog.

Watch the SCCLD Kids Blog and visit our Early Learning page for more activity ideas to develop your child’s early learning skills.  Check your local library’s event listing for story times and other free early learning programs.
Image: Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing, Playing

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