What is it about Minecraft?

As a children's librarian, I can honestly say that one of the most-requested books over the course of the past three years have been materials relating to Minecraft. Minecraft is a video game created by a Swedish programmer. Kids can use Minecraft to mine materials and create new structures out of 3D cubes. The game also offers opportunities to explore, gather resources, craft, and combat.

Just last week, as I was guiding a woman and her son to the shelves where they could find something about Minecraft, the mother asked her son, "What is it about Minecraft?"

I tried to explain to her about how kids could use Minecraft as a tool to create their own worlds. The game has even spurred children to learn to program in order to achieve goals in Minecraft.

The Parent's Guidebook to Minecraft by Cori DusmannIf you search SCCLD's catalog using the keyword "Minecraft," 29 results come up. Some materials are intended for children, others for their parents, and others for the adults who indulge in the game. I encourage concerned parents to read Cori Dusmann's The Minecraft Guide for Parents: Down-to-earth Advice for Parents of Children Playing Minecraft.

Yet what I encourage most of all is that parents try playing the game themselves. It will help them understand firsthand what their children are doing, and it will encourage a bond much like that created when two people read the same book--they now have something in common that they can discuss.

Happy Minecraft playing!

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