Do You Have Hamilton Fever?

Hamilton: The Original Cast RecordingHamilton: An American Musical hit Broadway in August, and the Internet exploded. Featuring a multi-racial cast and songs that incorporate hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and pop music in addition to more traditional Broadway fare, Hamilton, in the words of its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is "a story about America then, told by America now." Its innovative approach, masterful song-writing, and talented cast have earned the show rave reviews. If, like most people, you cannot afford to see it in person, check out the Grammy-nominated original cast recording from the library. 

Still hungry for more Hamilton? You might want to read the book it was based on, Alexander Hamilton by the National Book Award winning author Ron Chernow. Miranda read the book on vacation, and immediately saw musical potential in the dramatic life of one of America's Founding Fathers. Born illegitimate and orphaned as a child, Hamilton rose to the greatest heights of our fledgling nation, only to be killed in a duel by his political rival, Aaron Burr, Vice President of the United States. We tend to see the Founding Fathers as a stuffy bunch, with their powdered wigs and fancy knickers, but they duelled, had mistresses (quite publicly), and, oh yeah, OVERTHREW A GOVERNMENT AND STARTED THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

Such revolutionary people deserve a revolutionary musical, and Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton have delivered. Check out these highlights:

I can only hope they make it into a movie at some point, so I can actually see the whole thing!

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