A Story of Perseverance, Self-Confidence, and Friendship

L to R: Leticia and BerniceMorgan Hill Library Reading Program tutor Bernice Lawrence wrote this article.

In November 2015, I was assigned my first student, Leticia, a middle-age Mexican American.  She had previously completed 5 months in the Reading Program, to achieve one of her primary goals, obtaining a Nursing Assistant Certification. For this she remains ever grateful.


Leticia and I schedule weekly sessions at the Morgan Hill Library, with emphasis on improving English grammar, word pronunciation, spelling, reading and writing. Leticia's initial goal was to obtain employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), so our sessions also included computer job search sources, preparation for interviews, resume development, completing job applications and letter writing to employers.


Because of her ever expanding self-confidence, high energy and persistence, within several months of a relentless job search, Leticia was hired as a Certified Nurse Assistant. She has since obtained employment at a local, senior facility, with better benefits and opportunities to further expand her knowledge. Currently, Leticia is exploring the feasibility of providing in-home senior care.


My overall participation in the Reading Program continues to be a personally fulfilling and rewarding experience. I feel a great sense of accomplishment helping her improve her language skills and also feel fortunate to be tutoring such an exemplary student as Leticia. She's punctual, arrives with completed homework assignments, and is always prepared to work. Her successes are the result of a commitment towards continual self-improvement and an ever expanding level of self-confidence. She and I have developed a mutually caring, fun-filled friendship.


Leticia regularly tells me that we are a "good match," indicating she's very happy to be my student, and feels comfortable sharing ideas and plans. She firmly believes tutoring can help anyone wanting to improve their use of English for personal gratification, better communication with family, friends and within the community at large. Adult literacy is about opening doors and changing lives. Just ask Leticia.


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