Let's Try: Making Peanut Butter Cups!

No Bake Makery bookcoverI'm always on the lookout for easy recipes for desserts to make for friends and co-workers, and there probably isn’t anything much easier than a no-bake recipe. I was perusing the shelves of the Bookmobile and found No Bake Makery: More than 80 Two-bite Treats Made with Lovin’ not an Oven and decided to check it out. I needed something to bring to the Cupertino Coin Club (which meets on the second Friday of each month at St. Joseph’s Church in Cupertino) that night and thought peanut butter cups would be perfect.

The recipe is basic. Melt half the chocolate, pour into mini-muffin cups, add a bit of a peanut butter mixture, top with the rest of the chocolate. When it came time to adding the chocolate to cover the peanut butter, there wasn’t enough chocolate to fill the 24 cups that the recipe called for so the peanut butter remained partially uncovered. The last step is something reminiscent of The Great British Baking Show’s technical challenge where prior knowledge and logic must be used to decipher the directions. “Chill for 30 minutes. Garnish with sea salt if desired.” So it says to chill then garnish, but that isn’t going to go well because the salt isn’t going to stick to chilled chocolate. Switching the two directions would have made things clearer.

Final verdict after sampling one- they could have used more peanut butter filling and less chocolate, but otherwise they were good. I brought them to my meeting and they were gone in about ten minutes so I guess they were a success.

The rest of the book is filled with recipes for truffles, bark, bars, mini-cakes and pies, puddings and pops with most of the recipes calling for simple ingredients that you may already have in your cupboard. This book is available at most of the Santa Clara County libraries so for easy, quick snacks and desserts I recommend putting a hold on a copy.

Other no-bake books in our collection include:

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