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Operating Budget

The County Library District’s annual operating budget is developed throughout the year.  In early fall, input is solicited from every staff member on services and equipment to be considered for the following fiscal year’s budget.  Once the budget is formulated by Library Administration, it is reviewed by the Santa Clara County Library District JPA Finance Committee and sent to the Joint Powers Authority Board for review in late spring.  The budget is generally approved in June. 
The County Library District has a number of criteria to consider when developing the budget.  These include commitment to:

  • Honor legal contracts such as building leases and maintenance
  • Maintain current service hours and extend hours whenever possible
  • Augment the materials account so that it will eventually be at least 15 percent of the total operating budget
  • Maintain sufficient reserves
  • Employ the most current technology feasible
  • Maintain strong support services at the lowest possible cost to focus service at the community library level
Once the JPA Board approves the budget, it is presented to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors (the Library District’s fiscal agent) for adoption.

2016-17 Final Operating Budget

2015-16 Final Operating Budget

2014-15 Final Operating Budget

2013-14 Final Operating Budget

2012-13 Final Operating Budget