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Please have a look at our Get Started page at http://www.sccl.org/browse/ebooks-and-downloads/get-started.  Just find the device you're using, then in the pull-down menu to the right, choose what you want to download (ebook, audiobook, etc.) You'll be taken to a page that offers step-by-step directions for each vendor. This page will answer most questions about using downloadable content.

If you are using Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 and you’re having difficulties opening eBooks or eAudiobooks, you may need to fine-tune default programs. Use the Associate a file type with a program option to do so. Common file types for library downloads include Adobe Digital Editions (.ACSM) and OverDrive Media Files/OverDrive Media Console (.ODM). Some issues on mobile devices are solved by uninstalling the app, powering off the device for about 60 seconds, powering the device back on, and then reinstalling the app.  If an issue involves Adobe Digital Editions, you may need to de-authorize and then re-authorize the program. 

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