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Bookcover: Relativity

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Audiobook cover: The Hunt

Audiobooks for Teens

Bookcover: Steelheart

Books for Guys *Updated*

Bookcover: The Maze Runner

Books to Movies

Bookcover: The Martian Chronicles

Classic Science Fiction

Bookcover: Dragonswood


Bookcover: The Gathering Storm

Historical Fiction

Bookcover: Project Cain

Horror Stories

Bookcover: Bi-normal


Bookcover: Meet Me at the River

Make Me Cry - Death, Dying & Grief *New*

Mysteries just for Teens

Bookcover: Freakboy

Novels in Verse *Updated*

Bookcover: Everneath

Paranormal Romance

Bookcover: My Life Next Door


Bookcover: Pele Why Soccer Matters

Sports *Updated*

Bookcover: Dearly Departed


Bookcover: The Butterfly Clues

Thrillers & Chillers


Teen Issues                                                                    Back to Top

Bookcover: Shift

Crazy Like Me *Updated*

Bookcover: Cruel Beauty

Dangerous Relationships *Updated*

Bookcover: Punkzilla

Drugs & Alcohol


Bookcover: What they always tell us

It Gets Better *Updated*

Bookcover: Hate List

Mean Girls & Boys

Nowhere to Go

Bookcover: Speak

Sexual Abuse *Updated*

Bookcover: Scars

Strange Addictions

Bookcover: The Best and Hardest Thing

Teen Pregnancy *Updated*

Bookcover: Wintergirls

When the Mirror Lies



Supernatural                                                                Back to Top                                     

Bookcover: Illuminate

Angels & Demons *Updated*

Bookcover: Dead River

Delightfully Dead *Updated*

Bookcover: Starcrossed

Gods, Goddesses & Mythological Creatures

Bookcover: Forgive My Fins

Mermaids, Sirens & Other Sea Creatures

Bookcover: The Girl with Borrowed Wings


Bookcover: Eternal

Vampires *Updated*

Bookcover: Once in a Full Moon


Bookcover: All Just Glass

Witches, Warlocks and Wizards

Bookcover: Something Strange and Deadly

Zombies *Updated*

Teens Top 10                                                                Back to Top

Bookcover: Insurgent


Bookcover: Divergent


Bookcover: I Am Number Four


Bookcover: Catching Fire


Bookcover: Breaking Dawn


Bookcover: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Non-Fiction                                                                    Back to Top

Bookcover: A Marked man

Biographies *Updated*

Bookcover: A Teen Guide to Creative, Delightful Dinners

Let's Get Cooking!

Bookcover: You, the Owner's Manual for Teens

Let's Get Moving!