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Helping your older pet

Do you have a dog or cat that's getting up in years? Here are a few books to help you extend your pet's longevity and maintain his or her joie de vivre.

Caring for your Aging Cat Caring for your Aging Cat  and  Caring for your Aging Dog, written by the same author, are organized similarly. Janice Borzendowski stresses the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, and routine home and veterinary care in keeping your pet healthy during middle age and beyond. Because signs of disease are often subtle in cats and Caring for your Aging Dogdogs, the books' tips for recognizing when your pet has a health problem may be especially helpful.

The last third of each book focuses on issues that come with declining health. Common ailments and their treatments are described; managing treatment costs is discussed. Borzendowski sensitively addresses decision-making and concerns about your pet's quality of life. Each book's concluding chapter, titled "Farewell, Friend: Coming to terms with the end of life," covers both decision-making and grieving.

Good Old DogIf you have an elderly dog who's already having health problems, Good Old Dog  might be more helpful. Author Nicholas Dodman offers far less information on keeping a healthy dog healthy, but much more on various health conditions that often affect older canines. Another plus for Good Old Dog is its chapter on adapting the environment to make life easier for you and your dog. Treatment costs and end-of-life decisions are addressed in this book too; grief is not.

If you have questions about the health of your dog, cat, or other pet animal, please visit, call, or email us at the PlaneTree Health Information Center. Our resources for understanding the health of your family extend even to the furry, feathery, and scaly members of your household!