Philosophy & Religion

Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd. ed. (e-book)

This resource focuses on Jewish life, culture, history, and religion.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy (e-book)

This encyclopedia offers articles providing comprehensive coverage of philosophy from a global perspective.

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment (e-book)

This encyclopedia assesses the concepts and themes of the Enlightenment period and its impact on politics, religion, philosophy, and art.

Encyclopedia of Time (e-book)

Surveys the major facts, concepts, theories, and speculations that infuse the present understanding of time. Explores the contributions of scientists, philosophers, theologians, and creative artists from ancient times to the present.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-book)

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a selection of reference titles available online. Subjects covered include arts, history, religion and philosophy, social science, law, literature, science & technology, and more.

Gods and Goddesses of Greece and Rome (e-book)

Represents a wide range of deities in the Greek and Roman pantheons, from Zeus and Jupiter to Eos and Quirinus. Includes discussions of the significance of the given deities, the mythology surrounding them, and the forms of worship associated with them.

Heroes and Heroines of Greece and Rome (e-book)

Features well-known heroic figures, as well as the demigods, nymphs, sorceresses, and other creatures that inhabited the mortal world and figured prominently in the myths of the heroes and heroines. 

Holiday Symbols and Customs (e-book)

Describes the origins of holidays around the world. Explains where, when, and how each event is celebrated, with detailed information on the symbols and customs associated with the holiday. 

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays (e-book)

This online encyclopedia provides information on many world holidays and includes information on customs, folklore, clothing, food, music, and dance.

New Catholic Encyclopedia and Supplements (e-book)

This collection of eBooks includes the New Catholic Encyclopedia 2nd Edition and the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Supplements

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation, The (e-book)

A source for information about the religious and social changes that altered the face of Europe in the sixteenth century, encompassing not only issues of church polity and theology but also developments in politics, economics, demographics, art, and literature.

U*X*L Encyclopedia of World Mythology (e-book)

Entry topics include gods and goddesses; heroes and other key characters; motifs and global themes; major myths; and national or cultural mythologies. Coverage spans a diversity of cultures, including standard Greek/Roman entries as well as Native North and South American traditions, Norse mythology, Asian Pacific mythology, Judeo-Christian tradition, and Islamic and Hindu mythologies.

Witchcraft in America (e-book)

This source covers the history of witchcraft in the United States from the hysteria that facilitated the witch hunts during the Colonial Period to modern day followers of Wicca. Chapters include full text or excerpts from trial transcripts, diary entries, public notices, and many other primary sources. Biographical essays highlight prominent figures related to the Salem witch trials.

World Religions Reference Library (e-book)

A thorough, objective resource covering the history, traditions and worldviews of dominant and less prominent religions and their sects and offshoots.    

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