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Book Index with Reviews

A database providing information and reviews for more than 5 million book titles.

Book Review Digest Retrospective: 1908-1982 (H.W. Wilson)

Provides excerpts and citations for adult and juvenile titles published between 1905 and 1982. Please note, the default search option is set to search 'Full-Text' documents. To get the best search results, you may need to uncheck 'Full-text' in 'Advanced Search.'

BookBrowse for Libraries

BookBrowse offers reviews, recommendations, read-alikes, author bios, interviews, and searching by time period, setting and theme. Also, resources for book clubs including reading guides & online discussions.

Drama for Students (e-book)

This eResource features analysis of the plays most frequently studied in literature classes. Each entry includes an introduction that provides an overview of the play, a brief biography of the playwright, a plot summary, a discussion of the play's principal themes, essays on the play's construction, excerpted critical commentary, and more.

Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels (e-book)

Focuses on English-language comics, plus a small selection of influential Japanese and European works, with special emphasis on the new graphic novel format that emerged in the 1970s.

Encyclopedia of Vampires & Werewolves, The (e-book)

Provides more than 500 entries exploring the supernatural aspects of these creatures and their pop culture counterparts.

Epics for Students (e-book)

Provides critical overviews of literary epics of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Includes discussions of themes, characters, literary traditions and cultural context.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-book)

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a selection of reference titles available online. Subjects covered include arts, history, religion and philosophy, social science, law, literature, science & technology, and more.

Granger's World of Poetry, The

Use the Columbia Granger's database to access full-text poems, citations, commentaries, biographies, and a poetry glossary. Also included are poems in foreign languages most often taught in the classroom and selections of current poetry from popular and academic journals.

Greenwood Library of World Folktales: Stories from the Great Collections, The (e-book)

Covers tales that are the foundations of the world's traditions, literature, and popular culture and are fundamental to daily life.      

Literary Reference Center Plus

A full-text resource for the world’s most studied authors and their works.

Literature Criticism Online (e-book)

Literature Criticism Online includes two reference works: Contemporary Literary Criticism and Drama Criticism. Contemporary Literary Criticism provides critiques of key literary works as well as author biographies. Drama Criticism contains biographical information about playwrights and critical opinions of plays.


Select your favorite book genres and receive customized booklists by email. Available for all ages. 

NoveList K-8 Plus

Reading suggestions and lists for children in grades K - 8 arranged by author, title, series and topics.

NoveList Plus

A resource for those seeking new fiction and non-fiction titles, including lists of award winners and discussion guides for book clubs.

Novels for Students (e-book)

Essays and study guides that introduce the themes and significance of famous literature.

OverDrive Project Gutenberg (e-book)

Free, public domain eBooks including many of the classics made available through the OverDrive Catalog. These titles never expire and don't count against your Library checkout limit.

Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature, The (e-book)

An encyclopedia of American literary history from the 1600s to the present day including essays on poets, playwrights, essayists, and novelists, as well as major works and essays on literary movements, periods, and themes.

Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature, The (e-book)

The Encyclopedia provides coverage of the history of literature in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the major literary languages (Anglo-Saxon, English, Welsh, Scots, Irish, and Latin).

Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature, The (e-book)

Includes brief biographies of major authors and illustrators, essays on all genres of children's literature, individual works, prominent trends and themes, and general essays on the traditions of children's literature in many countries throughout the world.

Poetry for Students (e-book)

Designed to meet the curricular needs of high school and undergraduate college students studying poetry, this resource provides analysis of frequently studied poems. 

Rough Guide to Manga, The (e-book)

Features the manga story (a Japanese style of comic books) covering manga's twelfth-century roots to the rise of English-language manga with profiles of influential creators like Leiji Matsumoto and CLAMP.

Salem Literature (e-book)

Full-text versions of the following Salem Press titles owned by the library:

  • Critical Survey of Long Fiction: This includes biographical details, bibliographic records, and critical overviews of major authors notable for their contributions to the novel, novella, and related long forms.
  • Masterplots 4th Edition: Analyzes the most important works in all genres - long fiction, short fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction - throughout history and around the world, helping to define and critique the literary canon.

Shakespeare for Students: Critical Interpretations of Shakespeare's Plays and Poetry (e-book)

Collection of essays by Shakespeare scholars that have been selected for students at the high school or undergraduate college level. Each entry includes an introduction; a plot synopsis; a character list; a discussion of the work's principal themes; information about the style and literary devices used; a conversation about the work's historical context; and a critical overview.

Short Stories for Students (e-book)

Aimed at the high school student, this collection contains concise synopses of the story's plot, characters and themes, along with a brief author biography, a discussion of the story's cultural and historical significance, and excerpted criticism.


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