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American Civil War Reference Library (e-book)

An eBook containing essays on the Civil War: the battles and leaders, soldiers and heroes, scoundrels and patriots.

American Decades (e-book)

This collection of eBooks covers the issues, movements, themes and events of each decade from 1900 through 2009.

American Revolution Reference Library (e-book)

Written for students, this eBook for students features events and peoples of the Revolutionary War. The biographies and primary sources are useful for class assignments.

Ancient Civilizations Reference Library (e-book)

An eBook for students with detailed information on all aspects of major ancient civilizations including China, India, and Central America. Timelines, bibliographies, maps and statistics are included.

Ancient Egypt and the Near East: An Illustrated History (e-book)

Explores the early civilizations that developed in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Ancient Greece: An Illustrated History (e-book)

Follows the progress of the Greeks from the early establishment of farming communities around 6500 BCE, to the rise of the great city-states of Sparta and Athens, and on to the dissolution of the empire of Alexander the Great following his death in 323 BCE.

Ancient Rome: An Illustrated History (e-book)

Covers the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus in 753 BCE, to the heights of the Roman Empire around 117 CE, and on to the death of Theodosius (the last man to rule over a unified Roman Empire) in 395 CE.

Biography in Context

A comprehensive database of biographical information on historical and contemporary figures from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas.

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th- and 21st-Century America (e-book)

Covers the popular culture of the 20th Century and first decade of the 21st Century.

Colonial America Reference Library (e-book)

This eBook is helpful for middle school students researching colonial America.  It includes biographies, primary resources, and an Almanac which mentions all aspects of life in the colonies.

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography (e-book)

Provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists. All periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented.

Crusades Reference Library, The (e-book)

The three-volume The Crusades covers everything from the First Crusade (1095-99) through the Ninth Crusade (1271-72).

Daily Life through American History in Primary Documents (e-book)

Explores the daily lives of American people from colonial times to the present through primary documents that include diaries, letters, memoirs, speeches, sermons, pamphlets, and all manner of public and private writings. 

Dictionary of American Family Names (e-book)

Contains a listing of the most commonly occurring surnames in the United States, giving their comparative frequencies, linguistic and historical explanations, selected associated forenames, and occasional genealogical notes.

Dictionary of American History (e-book)

A database of essays providing a thorough analysis of U.S. history. Also included are maps, photographs, and primary source documents.

Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895 (e-book)

Documents the full range of the African American experience from the arrival of the first slave ship to the death of Frederick Douglass, and shows how all aspects of American culture, history, and national identity have been profoundly influenced by the experience of African Americans.

Major topics such as “Abolitionism,” “Black Nationalism,” the “Dred Scott case,” “Reconstruction,” “Slave Rebellions and Insurrections,” the “Underground Railroad,” and “Voting Rights” are given the in-depth treatment. The encyclopedia also contains fascinating entries on less obvious subjects, such as the “Black Seafarers,” “Buffalo Soldiers,” the “Catholic Church and African Americans,” “New York African Free Schools,” the “Secret Six,” and much more.

Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present (e-book)

Traces the transition from the Reconstruction Era to the age of Jim Crow, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, and the ascendant influence of African Americans on the American cultural landscape. With coverage up to and including the 2008 election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, the Encyclopedia contains fully cross-referenced entries by scholars and experts, offering reliable and extensive treatment to be found on African American history in this era.

Encyclopedia of Maritime History, The (e-book)

This encyclopedia covers the history of seafaring, from ancient Egyptian shipbuilders to the nuclear submarines and supertankers of today. Articles examine aspects of maritime history including naval history, shipbuilding, biographies of major figures, navigation and scientific instrumentation, maritime art and literature, commerce and economics, and international law.

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment (e-book)

This encyclopedia assesses the concepts and themes of the Enlightenment period and its impact on politics, religion, philosophy, and art.

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (e-book)

This encyclopedia contains articles on all aspects of life in Europe from the 5th to 15th centuries within cultural, religious, intellectual, social, and political contexts.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-book)

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a selection of reference titles available online. Subjects covered include arts, history, religion and philosophy, social science, law, literature, science & technology, and more.

Great Depression and the New Deal Reference Library (e-book)

Covers the disastrous failure of the global economy and its gradual recovery including the causes of the depression, the impact of unemployment and under-employment, the disorder in Germany after World War I that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler, and Franklin D. Roosevelt's domestic reform program.

History of China, The (e-book)

Presents an informative introduction to China's past and present, from traditional accounts of its beginnings more than 3,000 years ago to its modern emergence as a first-world nation.  

Industrial Revolution Reference Library (e-book)

This online set of reference works covers a range of topics related to the Industrial Revolution. Included are an almanac, biographies, and primary source documents.

Korean War Reference Library (e-book)

This online set of reference works includes an almanac, primary source documents, and biographies related to the major topics and events of the Korean War.

Mexican-American War (e-book)

This e-book provides coverage of the issues surrounding the Mexican American War, including the motivations of the people involved. A biography section details the lives of some of the men who had a strong impact on the War. Placed throughout the text are excerpts from primary source documents such as diary entries, letters, and newspaper articles.

Middle Ages Reference Library (e-book)

A collection of articles exploring the complex period of the Middle Ages, covering the different civilizations and peoples of Medieval times. It also includes biographical essays on significant individuals from the period and a collection containing full or excerpted texts from the era.

New York Times (1851-2010) (e-newspaper)

A full-image archive that brings you the entire historical run of The New York Times since 1851. This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers, and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and coverage of the politics, society, and events of the times.

Oxford Companion to World Exploration, The (e-book)

From Antarctica to the North Pole, this database offers information on all topics of exploration worldwide, including advances in navigation, the discovery of the New World, polar expeditions, and the space age.

Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, The (e-book)

A research tool for Byzantine history. Entries cover the scientific and cultural advancements of the Byzantine Empire from the 4th through the 15th centuries.

Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance, The (e-book)

This dictionary provides coverage of the art, literature, science, culture, philosophy, religion, economics, history, and conflict of 14th to 17th century Europe with an examination of Renaissance influence on modern society.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, The (e-book)

Features articles about the social, political, religious, cultural and artistic legacy of this 5,000-year civilization.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures, The (e-book)

A reference source that chronicles Pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mesoamerica, defined as the lands stretching from Mexico to the southern tip of Central America.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, The (e-book)

Captures the experiences of women from all regions of the world throughout history. Includes biographies of influential women and articles covering topics such as geography and history, culture and society, organizations, movements, and gender studies.

Presidents (e-book)

Contains biographies and portraits of all presidents, a detailed chronology of the life of each president, and suggested further reading about each president.

Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library (e-book)

Covering everything from Luther's Revolt to the writings of Shakespeare, this eBook set provides comprehensive coverage of this period of history. Includes biographies, full or excerpted speeches, diary entries, newspaper and magazine articles, poems, and documents.

Rourke's Native American History & Culture Encyclopedia (e-book)

A comprehensive collection about Native American tribes that includes history, culture, time lines, famous leaders, and current events.

Salem History (e-book)

Full-text versions of the following Salem Press titles owned by the library:  

  • Encyclopedia of American Immigration  
  • The Decades: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s
  • Great Events from History: 18th Century, 20th Century, 1941-1970 
  • Great Lives in History: 18th Century 
  • Weapons and Warfare

San Jose Mercury News (1985 - Current) (e-newspaper)

Search full-text articles on local news, issues, events, people, and much more. Updated daily, the San Jose Mercury News includes obituaries, editorials, announcements, sports, real estate, and other sections.

San Jose Mercury News (ProQuest Digital Microfilm) (2009 - 3 months ago) (e-newspaper)

An alternative version of the San Jose Mercury News providing a digital page view presented in the original layout from 2009 to present. Browse by date and page number and print full pages including graphics, advertisement and other features.

San Jose Mercury News Historical Archive (1886-1922) (e-newspaper)

Find full-text articles on local news, issues, events, people, and much more from archived issues of The San Jose Mercury News.

U.S. History in Context

This resource provides a variety of historical data from primary sources and reference documents. It also includes photographs, illustrations, and maps.

Vietnam War Reference Library (e-book)

This resource traces the progression of the Vietnam War from its beginnings in 1941 through its last days in 1975. Biographical essays and excerpted primary sources provide a variety of perspectives on the war.

War of 1812 (e-book)

Presents information on the issues surrounding the War of 1812, from the causes of the war to its ending, and the motivations of various people involved in the conflict. Placed throughout the text are excerpts from primary source documents such as diary entries, letters, and newspaper articles, as well as other sidebar boxes.

Westward Expansion Reference Library (e-book)

Documents the chronological events that created a romantic national mythology around the pioneers who blazed trails through the wilderness. Features biographical essays on many colorful characters of the old West, and includes full text or excerpts from diaries, books, letters, and many other primary source documents.

World History in Context

From antiquity to present, search a broad collection of scholarly analysis and full-text periodicals in addition to reference works and primary documents that cover the events, movements, and individuals that have shaped world history.

World War I Reference Library (e-book)

Presents coverage of major topics related to World War I. Provides information that students need to write reports and complete class assignments, including biographical profiles and primary source materials.

World War II Reference Library (e-book)

Covers significant events, topics, and people related to World War II. Provides information that students need to write reports and complete class assignments, including biographical profiles and primary source materials.


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