Ancestry Library (in-library use only)

This database is a genealogical tool with data from the census, military records, the court system, immigration, and vital records. It covers Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and some European countries.

Dictionary of American Family Names (e-book)

Contains a listing of the most commonly occurring surnames in the United States, giving their comparative frequencies, linguistic and historical explanations, selected associated forenames, and occasional genealogical notes.

Heritage Quest Online

A collection of research materials for tracing family history and American culture. Included are U.S. federal census records, family histories, published genealogies, historical books, Revolutionary War records, Freedman’s Bank records, and more.

New York Times (1851-2010) (e-newspaper)

A full-image archive that brings you the entire historical run of The New York Times since 1851. This historical newspaper provides genealogists, researchers, and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and coverage of the politics, society, and events of the times.

San Jose Mercury News (1985 - Current) (e-newspaper)

Search full-text articles on local news, issues, events, people, and much more. Updated daily, the San Jose Mercury News includes obituaries, editorials, announcements, sports, real estate, and other sections.

San Jose Mercury News (ProQuest Digital Microfilm) (2009 - 3 months ago) (e-newspaper)

An alternative version of the San Jose Mercury News providing a digital page view presented in the original layout from 2009 to present. Browse by date and page number and print full pages including graphics, advertisement and other features.

San Jose Mercury News Historical Archive (1886-1922) (e-newspaper)

Find full-text articles on local news, issues, events, people, and much more from archived issues of The San Jose Mercury News.


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